Epidemic of Passivity

Are we passively accepting the genocide of our people, content to participate in the culture of consumption and greed as slaves to faceless sociopaths who pay us to not see our own chains?

Every day living in a colonial system, we must answer yes.

Are we passively accepting the widescale destruction of the vitality of the elements needed for our survival and the ambient slaughter of our friends in the animal and plant worlds?

Are we passively accepting the destruction of a healthy future for our children?

Every day we are living in a colonial system, we must answer yes to these questions.

“But I go to protests!”, we say. “But I vote my conscience!”, we say. “But I am educating others!”, we say. “But I am living my culture!”, we say. “But we need those things to live!”, we say.

The platitudes we tell ourselves do not stop the incessant progression to a horrific place in our narritive as a peoples. A horrific future where we abandon our children to survive the effects of our avarice and our arrogance. A horrific future that is quickly becoming our present.

The truth is that we have passively accepted these things and this future. We have not stood up against this genocidal/ecocidal slavery except to be included in it further and deeper. At best, our resistance has been passive-aggressive sarcasm against the very lifestyle we live, punctuated by some real real resistance visible to ourselves and others as we engage in brief blockades under the theme of “sovereingty” or “nationhood”.

By chasing “equality” or “equity” in a society terminally ill with avarice, we have sought out the pox-infected blankets unwittingly. Once again thinking the comfort of the blanket would help us to survive while unknowingly, or perhaps unbelievingly, the infection spreads throughout or societies while those who know and see shout out warnings about taking the blankets.

The ones who remain committed to resistance are ostracized by their own communties they love enough to speak the truth to despite the consequences of doing so. Their actions and words misinterpreted or dismissed as violent, dangerous, or hostile to our people when in fact they are desperate pleas to avert disaster.

How can we know those blankets are infected? One has only to look at the society from which they come. With the enslavement of their own people and the widespread destruction of their own lands at the time of invasion here, europe was a cesspool of disease, war, and famine ruled by parasitic dynastic lordship determined to dominate and control every aspect of the thoughts and actions of others while giving them just enough so they did not rebel against their slavery. The model has not changed and the parasites have only become more entrenched.

Our passivity has ensured they are not only present but has ensured they dictate even what resistance is acceptable. Condemnations of actions of people who truly want to protect ourselves and the lands physically by those who seek to passively maintain an intellectual or emotional connection to being Indigenous while not even realizing how compromised our emotional and intellectual states are (eg. speaking and thinking in english, adopting eurowestern or eurasian religions, adopting colonial identities of being “canadian” or “aboriginal” or “british columbian” etc.) and are simply degrading to our Indigenous ways and our history of resistance. In short, they demean the struggle of our ancestors, who did only what they needed to do, more than our passive acceptance of our genocide.

Our survival instinct is opening our eyes more to the racism and degradation we are facing. Our voices are becoming more widely spoken in defiance to these insults but to the open physical atacks to our sovereignty and our lands, our seeing is not enough. Our voices spoken, even shouted, are not enough. Our physical selves must be part of this battle. In no uncertain terms our collective actions must be unwavering and must be deadly serious. Without conviction and without physical resistance to the physical attacks, even the ones which have already successfully penetrated our sovereignty and lands, we will not be gifting our children with a life they will enjoy and cherish. We will be passing along the infectious blankets that have been passed to us.

Our nations are only as strong as our willingness to defend them with our bodies from those who would seize and destroy them. We have all been born into this battle. We didn’t choose it. We either fight in it by doing what we have to do or we passively accept our demise by doing what they needs us to do, passivelty kneeling at the trench alongside our children waiting for the shots to be fired. If our peoples, and indeed our leaders, are unwilling to do that, we must show them how to do what we have to. If they ask why, we must tell them why but not waver and continue to do what needs to be done. If they tell us that we shouldn’t, we must not waver and continue to do what needs to be done. If they join us, we must not waver and continue to do what needs to be done.

But first, we need to begin to do what needs to be done. See you in the streets.



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