Imagine if…

Imagine if…

Your caucasian family lived in an area for thousands of generations and paid particular attention to nurturing the environment and living in tandem with it so that there would be continual health and well-being for all who lived there and all visitors who came.

That Indigenous peoples came to caucasians under a lie of friendship and peace in order to gain enough settlement to dominate caucasians all the while deliberately inflicting caucasians with smallpox and measles because Indigenous peoples knew it would kill them and make it easier to dominate and/or exterminate them.

There was a caucasian relocation program specifically targetting caucasians to remove them from the areas where Indigenous peoples wanted to live and also from where they desired to make a profit from destroying the trees, minerals, fish, lands, and waters so that they could use the money to dominate their own population.

If there was a caucasian reservation system where caucasians were forced to live where couldn’t own their own home or the land beneath their feet, their community couldn’t drink the water from their taps because it’s toxic and can kill them, there was 85% unemployment rate because it was illegal for them to access their own resources, and if they left those lands to work they would be forced to pay Indigenous peoples 35% of their income only since Indigenous people decided that caucasians didn’t have to go to jail if they left the reservation without a permit from Indigenous peoples.

That tax and a portion of all the profit from caucasian peoples’ lands was partially used so Indigenous peoples can make laws that force caucasian children to learn Indigenous peoples’ ways in Indigenous language, all the while being told that everything they were is backward or slow or irrelevant.

That tax and a portion of all the profit from caucasian peoples’ lands was also partially used so that caucasian children could be apprehended by Indigenous peoples because they weren’t raising them in the way that Indigenous peoples thought they should be.

That tax and a portion of all the profit from caucasian peoples’ lands was also partially used to fund an Indigenous police and military force that regularly murders caucasian people with little to no consequences or even investigation while threatening them into complying with anything the Indigenous people told them to do.

That tax and a portion of all the profit from caucasian peoples’ lands was also partially used to fund jails where caucasian people made up to 100% of the inmate population while Indigenous people made up to 100% of the guard population.

That caucasian women, girls, and elders were being murdered or disappearing with little attention and nothing done to address it by Indigenous people, who are the vast majority of the population and control all of the police, laws, and media.

That caucasian women were sterilized without their knowledge and against their will.

That Indigenous peoples decided that caucasian peoples were not capable of deciding how to govern themselves and Indigenous people imposed and enforced a system of governance designed to teach obedience and servitude to Indigenous peoples.

That Indigenous peoples decided that there were no ethnic, cultural, spiritual, political, physical, mental, or social diversity among caucasian peoples, so they wouldn’t have to treat them as human beings.

That every time Indigenous peoples mentioned caucasians in their pervasive media, they were presented as problematic, hostile, lazy, inferior, sad, self-destructive, violent, ungrateful, parasitic, nameless, jobless, homeless, addicted, immature, greedy, wasteful, or racist.

That caucasian people were expected to explain why they were in this situation to Indigenous peoples, who only wanted to hear that the caucasian people would get over it and just be like Indigenous people because they brought all their problems onto themselves.

That the entire system was designed to take and/or degrade everything that caucasian people had, were, and are, including their children, to benefit an Indigenous elite, determined to destroy caucasian people because their ways are a credible threat to Indigenous domination of their own people.

So if it were you, how would you feel if I told you that canada is a just society? How would you feel if I told you that you should get over it? How would you react if I told you your tone or your anger or your words prevent others from understanding? Tell me you don’t get it… if it were YOU and YOUR family and not the millions of Indigenous peoples who are being subjected to this.


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