Tempered Warriors

It’s not drinking or doing drugs made me a bad person, it’s just that it sabotaged all the good things I could do and consumed much of the time I could put toward solutions. Without those things I am sure I wouldn’t have made it to today and I learned much about fighting, struggle, compassion, gratitude, determination, loss, family, and so much more through those times.

I didn’t AA or NA very much for my own reasons but the way I found through all of the chaos and setbacks was to steadfastly learn along the way and what I learned was that although there were problems with my life there were reasons for that. Those reasons were the intergenerational effects of continuing genocide by the colonization of our peoples and lands. Our people are suffering because our lands are suffering and for every Warrior who overcomes the suffering (including deception) means one more Warrior to fight for the lands. These Warriors have been through emotional, physical, and spiritual landscapes that would have destroyed most people and have indeed taken many lives. But they are here today and we are all better off for them.

I am no addict. I am no alcoholic. I never was. I was medicating the trauma from the genocide that is inflicted on Indigenous peoples every moment of every day. I need no further medication because I see the sickness of the society that lays those judgements and labels down and I see the strength of our cultures, lands and families.

I encourage all those who are medicating to reject the notion that there is something wrong with you because there isn’t. It is the society which we are living (and dying) which is sick and when you are ready to see or you have seen enough to know, the fight for the lands and for the future of this beautiful world is waiting for more Warriors such as you. Warriors who know what loss feels like and who know what struggle is like on a spiritual level. Warriors who know compassion, gratitude, and determination. You are the hope of the ancestors and the ones yet to be born and there is strength in your hearts.


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