Indigenous-centric and unapologetic.

Gisbutwada di pteegu. Nuuyu Gitandau gyet. Ian Caplette k’amskiwah di waayu.

I am Tsimshian from Gitendau and I am from the Killerwhale Clan. My white name is Ian Caplette. I am an Indigenous survivor of several hundred years of repeated and continuing extermination attempts. My children will fight the same battle as I have fought.

This site is partially meant to be a chronicle of resistance. It is partially meant to be a record of the struggle of all of the wins, losses, and the actions in between as I fight, to the best of my ability, the forces of empire and colonialism in myself, my family, my community, my Nation, and the empire itself. This empire in the current manifestation in these lands can best be described as “canada” and all of the machinery and population which continue to strengthen it.

Partially, it is also meant to be a chronicle for other Warriors who are engaged in the same or similar battles all over the Turtle’s Back. and the faces of empire which may also be known as the “united states of america” or “mexico” or “belize” or other names which are equally invasive and unwelcome.

This is the story of a fight which began a long time ago and will continue long after I am gone. I only hope it becomes useful to other Warriors and acts as a declaration to the empire that it has not, and will not win. We were here for thousands of generations before it came to these lands, and we will be here for thousands of generations after it implodes and fades into obscurity.

Our Fight continues.


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